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Wendy Rosen, who began as an editor at New York's Mad River Post, owned her own editorial boutique, Three Fingered Louie, before moving back into staff positions at Red Car and Jump. Her first opportunity to Executive Produce was at a small boutique shop called KIND where she began working again with Anthony Marinelli (a fellow editor from Red Car). When KIND closed its doors, Wendy and Anthony decided to continue partnering, and the result was TwoPoint0. The name is both an acknowledgement of a constantly evolving post-production landscape and their partnership.

TwoPoint0 works with freelance editors, designers and even directors, providing creative and technical expertise on any scale.
We work with the most talented and creative editors, directors, and visual effects artists in the business to ensure maximum creative output wherever the project demands. Executive Producer, Wendy Rosen, has years of experience as an editor herself and knows the business inside and out. Senior Editor/Creative Director, Anthony Marinelli, has won awards for both his commercial editorial and film work.

Standing at the forefront of an ever-changing and evolving industry, providing technical, creative and disciplined expertise for nearly five years, TwoPoint0 is ready to take your project to the next level in the most flexible and nimble way.

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